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A message from Chairman Wright regarding continuing flood recovery efforts | Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

A message from Chairman Wright regarding contin...

A message from Chairman Wright regarding continuing flood recovery efforts



I want to thank all of our staff and tribal citizens for coming together to help and provide assistance in this time of need.  The number of our citizens looking to help is humbling.  While the worst may be over, the clean up and rebuilding is just getting started.  Your continued efforts to help are welcomed and appreciated by all who are in need.  It is truly amazing to see this and is a reminder for us, that buildings and property don’t define who we are–our people do.  We will work together to help our tribal citizens while also helping those in need in the communities in which we live.

This morning, extra supplies are being delivered to the Tribal headquarters and thru the efforts of Osni Ponca, a truckload of 18 pallets of water is being delivered to help our Santee relatives.  They are still without water.  Donations are being taken in Omaha so that a load of supplies can be taken to Santee again this Thursday.  More info will be forthcoming on our Facebook site.

We will be scheduling round table discussions and providing meals in Niobrara and Norfolk on Monday March 25.  Look for more info on those on the Facebook site as well.

Again, thank you to all who came together and went above and beyond their duties to help.

Wi`Bthu Ho
Thank you,

Larry Wright Jr.
Ponca Tribe of Nebraska