The Law and Justice Committee represents the interests of the Ponca Tribal community.

Meetings and agendas will be announced here. Minutes from past meetings can be found in the archives


May 25, 2023
9:30 a.m.


Committee Members

Robin Wright, Tribal Member
Stephanie Pospisil, Social Service Director
Janet Custer, Substance Abuse/Mental Health Counselor
Janelle Ali-Dinar (Health Rep)
PJ – Patrick Jennings, CEO TA
Vacancy (Osni/PEDCO Rep)
Angelica De Anda, NPHA
Theodora Medel, NPHA
Stephanie Geery-Zink, Director of Grants Management
Ruthanne Gallup, Tribal Court Administrator
Patrick Runge (Member from Legal Area)
Ricky Wright (Culture Director)
Christine Legband –Tribal Member