OSNI Ponca, LLC is the economic development limited liability company owned by the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. OSNI Ponca, LLC was originally established as Ponca Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO) in 2001. In 2012, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska established an economic development holding company called, Osni Ponca, LLC.

The OSNI Ponca board can be reached at osniboard@poncatribe-ne.org

For more information, visit the OSNI Ponca website: osniponca.com


Board of Directors Meeting

July 23, 2021 (Lifesize)
9 a.m.

July 27, 2021 (Lifesize)
5 p.m.

Special Meeting

April 19, 2021 (Lifesize)

Meeting Schedule

Board of Directors

Jennifer Killion (Term 3/19/23)
Samantha Gallagher (Term 3/19/22)
Otto LaPointe (Term 3/19/22)
Gary Stoltenberg, Sr. (Chair) (Term 3/19/24)
Dennis Johnson (Term 3/19/24)

Osni Ponca