The Ponca Tax Commission is charged with the administration and enforcement of all Tribal tax laws.

Meetings and agendas will be announced here. Minutes from past meetings can be found in the archives

The Tax Commission committee can be reached at

Members Needed

Under the Authority of the Constitution of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska a body to be known as the “Ponca Tax Commission” was created. This public agency of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska is subordinate to the Tribal Council, and will possess all the powers, duties, rights and functions as defined in the Law & Order Code to carry out the
administration and enforcement of all Tribal tax laws.

There is a position to expire on 4/24/24. Therefore, Tribal Council is accepting letters of interest
and resume’s.

To be qualified to be appointed a Tax Commissioner a person shall: 1) Be an enrolled member of the Tribe; 2) Be at least the age of majority; 3) Have no conflicts of interest, as defined in the Taxation Code; 4) Be willing and able to comply with the ethical duties of Commissioners, as defined in the Taxation Code; 5) Be willing and able to perform the Commission’s duties in compliance with the laws of the Tribe; 6) Have or acquire knowledge of the Tax Code, unless
the Tribal Council waives such qualifications for the appointee; 7) Have the time available to actively fulfill the duties of a Commissioner; and 8) Be willing to receive orientation and training regarding the duties of the Commission.

Commissioners are paid a $250.00 stipend per meeting plus mileage reimbursement up to 410 miles roundtrip. A letter of interest and resume to apply for the position of Ponca Tax Commission must be forwarded to Ponca Tribal Council, P.O. Box 288, Niobrara, Nebraska or Deadline for applications is April 1, 2024.


February 7, 2023
4:30 p.m.
via Lifesize

Law and Order Code

Click here to view the Law and Order Code Title XII Taxation.

Tax Commission Members

Angie Starkel, Vice Chairwoman of TC
Kyle Taylor, Treasurer of TC
Jeremy Wright (Term 4/24/24)
Aidan Queen (4/24/25)
Marshall Prichard (Term 4/24/26)