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Tribal Council and Executive Committee

Please note that there is no Tribal Council meeting on March 25.

Notice: All Tribal Members
Proposed Amendments to Law and Order Code, Title X11 – Taxation.
Meeting date moved to April 1, 2019.

Tribal Council Schedule

The Ponca Tribal Council is trying out a new schedule this year. The Council will be meeting every Monday at 5 PM via lifesize.

Meeting Schedule is subject to change. Please contact your local PTN Office to confirm.

2019 Tribal Council Meeting Schedule – January & February

2019 Tribal Council Meeting Schedule – March – December New


Tribal Council Live and Recorded Video


Member Access

Tribal members can access live and recorded videos by logging into the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska website. Once logged in, you can visit the Tribal Documents page and then the Ponca Tribe Video Gallery.
You will also find a link here to access any live streaming videos when applicable. Please ensure you have a current login for the Ponca Tribe website. For any questions please contact

General Membership

General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting

Held via Lifesize at Office Sites (Lincoln, Niobrara, Sioux City, Fred LeRoy Health & Wellness Center, Norfolk)
March 9, 2019 at 1 p.m.

Notice and Agenda

Members can submit questions in advance for the March 9th meeting to