COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Tribal Council has reviewed the current status of the emergency declaration regarding the COVID-19 crisis. In an effort to continue to protect Tribal citizens, clients, and staff, the following decisions have been made:

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska staff (BIA staff, IHS staff and committees), OSNI, PEDCO, and NPHA:

  1. High-risk staff will not return to the office until after July 18th.
  2. Offices are still closed to the public (walk-ins), with the exception of those who have scheduled appointments. Please contact staff to schedule an appointment for services.
  3. Tribal events are canceled until 07/04/2020. The Council will meet around July 4th to discuss allowing events after 07/04/2020 or to further cancel events. The Council will decide in the next several weeks on whether to hold or cancel the Pow Wow in August.
  4. The Travel ban for staff remains in effect, with travel being restricted to only necessary travel. Staff must contact their supervisor for permission on traveling for work-related events and activities.

Prairie Flower Casino/Ponca Gaming Enterprises:

  1. Casino is open with current safety procedures in place.
  2. Casino administrative office is open to the public for applicants and applicant interviews. All other visitors should be scheduled or have an appointment.