District 2 Ballot Error

An error was made on the District 2 ballots that the Election Board would like District 2 members to be aware of.

Ballots were sent out on September 25th, but an error was made on the ballots for District 2. The Election Board is aware of this error. We apologize for this error and understand that a lot of members have questions.

We want to clarify that ONLY the old ballots for District 2 will be voided. Each district and tribal chair ballots are color-coded, and this year the District 2 Representative ballot was green and the Tribal Chair ballot was orange. These ballots, the green, and orange for District 2, are old and will be voided due to the error.

District 2 will now have two completely different colored ballots, which is how members and how the Election Board will be able to distinguish the old and the new ballots. The new colors for District 2 are pink for the District 2 Representative and gray for the Tribal Chair ballot. District 2 members, be on the lookout for a brand-new ballot packet in the mail, containing a gray ballot and a pink ballot!

The color of the ballots is important when it comes time to count the ballots on November 1, 2022. Any ballots that are orange or green WILL NOT BE COUNTED. Changing the colors ensures that no ballots are counted twice, ensuring a fair and honest election for District 2. Members are welcome to view and verify the colors of the ballots either in person or via LifeSize. Members are also welcome to watch the ballots as they are counted in person on November 1, 2022, at 6 pm at the Tribal Headquarters in Niobrara, NE, or watch via Lifesize.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused.