Sep 15 2023


10:00 am - 11:45 am



Trauma Informed Care Group – Niobrara

September 2023 | 10-11:45 am
Ponca Tribe Headquarters | 2523 Woodbine St | Niobrara, NE

This support group is open to anyone who has been impacted by domestic violence, crime, or would like to learn more about how trauma can impact them. This is not a counseling session but a group where we learn how to address trauma to help us make loving, lasting relationships with our loved ones. No registration is needed – just show up! You can leave when you need as well.

September 15: What is fraud, and how can I be aware of it?

September 22: No Child Left Behind talk

For more information, please contact Toby at 712.258.0500.

The event is finished.