Registration for iPonca is now closed. We are processing orders and appreciate your patience. You will be contacted to arrange a pickup time or shipping details when your order is ready.

Due to COVID-19, for a limited time, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska will be distributing iPads and MacBooks to Ponca Tribal members to use for education and/or telehealth purposes.
Members age 2-12 and 60+ are eligible to receive an iPad from the Tribe.
Members ages 13 – 59 can choose between the iPad or MacBook Air.

Orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis until funding is depleted.

If you live within 60 miles of your local PTN office, we are requesting that you come pick up your device, unless you are an elder or highrisk. If this is the case, this will need to be noted on your form.

All orders MUST be submitted by 11:59 PM on August 5th, 2020.

Members will be emailed once their order is received and again if incorrect information needs clarification. Members will receive an email once the order is available at the local PTN office for pickup, with a number to call upon your arrival, or an email with tracking information for those whose orders are mailed.

ORDERS MUST BE SIGNED FOR. Orders at the office will be brought out to you for your safety.

If you have any questions, please call Becci Sullivan at 531.222.4471 or Candace Schmidt at 402.860.1497 or email