Language and Culture Committee Members Needed

Language and Culture Committee Members Needed

We are looking for interested members to join the Language and Culture Committee. This Committee is an updated version of the previous Culture Committee with a larger focus on the preservation and revitalization of the Ponca language.

The Committee will consist of 6 representatives; a representative from each site within the Service Delivery Areas (SDAs) and a representative from outside of the SDAs. Committee members will be selected according to their knowledge of Ponca language, culture, and traditional ways. If a representative who meets the above qualifications is not available from each site, any qualifying member may be appointed to the committee.

Members will be expected to attend all Committee meetings scheduled monthly and will be paid a stipend of $250 per meeting and claim associated travel at the government rate, not to exceed a total of 410 total miles.

Some of the responsibilities of this committee are:

  • To provide guidance to the Culture Department and Language Program with long-term planning, programming, and the use of traditional knowledge.
  • To generate culturally-appropriate programming to increase tribal involvement on culture and language activities and create a sustainable culture and language program for tribal members inside and outside the SDAs.
  • To act as a resource for Tribal departments to create culturally-based programming by providing guidance, knowledge, wisdom, and expertise on Ponca culture, traditions, history, and beliefs.
  • To assist the Ponca Tribal government in the formulation of policies and procedures pertaining to the Ponca Language, culture, and history.
  • To review and approve all Ponca culturally related educational material, such as instructional materials and modern communication media productions, to be used to provide instruction to
  • To review and reserve approval on all other activities and tasks related to the Ponca language, history, and culture as may be referred the Committee.
  • To periodically assess and review the Language Program and provide such assessments to the Tribal Council.

If you desire more information regarding this committee, please contact the Culture Director, Nick Mauro, at or 402-857-3519.   Please forward your letter of interest including your qualifications for this Committee to Ponca Tribal Council, Attn: Beth Barger, P.O. Box 288, Niobrara, NE  68760 or via e-mail to bbarger@poncatribe-ne.orgDeadline for Applications is February 22, 2021.