Liquor Control Board Decision: Ponca Smoke signals

Decision granting off-sale retail liquor license

The Liquor Control Board (“Board”) met on November 2, 2020 in accordance with Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code § 16-2-12 to consider the Ponca Smoke Signals (“Licensee”) application regarding a retail off-sale liquor license (“Application”). The Board reviewed the Application, verified the Applicant’s business organization as a limited liability company organized under the laws of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, reviewed the results of the criminal background checks on the principals of the Applicant, and verified that the State of Nebraska has granted Applicant a liquor license. The Board considered all comments received and all information relevant to the Application. The Board received no comments opposed to the granting of a liquor license to the Applicant.

Based on the Application, the comments received, and the information relevant to the Application, the Board hereby APPROVES Licensee’s Application for an off-sale retail liquor license. In accordance with Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Code §16-3-3 and subject to Licensee paying the required annual license fee, the license shall be valid for one (1) year beginning on the date of this decision and expiring November 1, 2021.
Dated: November 12, 2020

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