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Message from the Chairman regarding the cancell...

Message from the Chairman regarding the cancellation of this year’s Restoration Powwow


I am submitting this as a member of the Hethuska Society.  We apologize that the reasoning behind our decision was not shared clearer, sooner.

It was with great consideration and discussion that the Hethuska Society decided we wanted to cancel this year’s Pow Wow.  This was done, due to many factors.  First and foremost, was concern on our part as to the current active members of our group who would be able to be engaged to do the work necessary to carry this out in good way, with respect to all involved.  Added into the decision was the proximity of the date of opening for the casino.  This date has been relatively fluid and made it difficult to dial in dates.  Consideration was also given to try to do something culturally specific on the opening day of October 31.

We did not want to proceed with an event that did not have our full engagement and planning.  That too, would have been disrespectful.  This decision was not made lightly, nor was it made to put “money over culture” as has been shared.

Simply, we felt knowing the casino opening would now fall on the actual date of our Restoration Day it would be good, for this year only, to do something that day to celebrate this anniversary and the casino opening together.  This year’s Restoration Day takes on significant meaning with the casino opening and what the future holds for our people.

We know not everyone agrees with this decision, and for that we apologize.  But we do look forward to celebrating this once in a lifetime event on our anniversary with our people.

We do hope we can have our princesses at this event.  Planning is being done now and a formal invite will be forthcoming.  We also want to reach out the current Hethuska Princess and talk with her—Please have her or her family contact me–we would like to discuss her role and presence at the opening too.

Thank you for your understanding, we look forward to this event and the pow wow for next year.

Wi`Bthu Ho
Thank you,

Larry Wright Jr.


Ponca Tribe of Nebraska