Accessing PTN Websites and Social Media

We've been making improvements and adding new methods of sharing information across the internet. Recently, we have moved our websites to a new host to improve functionality. If you previously…

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Chief Standing Bear Scholarship

Chief Standing Bear’s contributions towards Civil Rights have left a lasting impression on Nebraskans and have had an impact on all Americans as well.In Commemoration of his efforts, the Chief…

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Tribal Council Meeting Postponed

The Tribal Council meeting scheduled for today has been re-scheduled to Friday, February 19th at 10 AM due to the potential power outages that could occur throughout all the areas

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February 16 Closures

Due to extreme cold, all Ponca Tribe of Nebraska offices and clinics will be closed Tuesday, February 16. Appointments will be rescheduled. Stay safe and warm!

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Member Notice: Law and Order Code Revision

LAW AND ORDER CODE REVISION Discussion on April 6 at 10:00 a.m.During Tribal Council Meeting **** NOTICE: All Tribal Members **** The Tribal Council will be discussing amending the Law…

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Members Needed for Tax Commission

PONCA TAX COMMISSION The Tax Commission meets one time per month. Tribal members are paid a stipend of $250 and mileage reimbursement up to 410 miles. If interested, please submit…

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Clinic Closing Early

Please note that the Fred LeRoy Health and Wellness Center will be closing at noon on Friday, January 29th. Appointments are being rescheduled. Thank you for your understanding.

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Members Needed

Code Revision (Law & Order) Committee    There is one vacancy that needs to be filled for a Tribal Member.  This Committee reviews the Ponca Tribal Law & Order Code to…

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