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Accessing PTN Websites and Social Media

We’ve been making improvements and adding new methods of sharing information across the internet. Recently, we have moved our websites to a new host to improve functionality. If you previously had membership-level access to this site, please note that you will need to register for the site again. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that the changes going forward will continue to improve your experience.

Here is where you can find the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska online:
Our main website is where you can find documents, forms, recipes, news, and other helpful information. It has all of the information from before, but we’ve added some new features such as a better event calendar and recipe finder. Members who would like access to tribal documents and video recordings will need to register on the website.
This is our cultural multimedia site. Here you can find a visual timeline, image galleries, the Six Stories, and language resources.

Social Media: