Only available to enrolled members of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska

The aim of this program is to encourage and reward achievements by our K-12 students nationwide. Areas in which students may participate include the following:

  • Art Contest
  • Essay/Poetry Contest
  • Attendance Incentive
  • Student of the Month/Year Recognition
  • Senior Incentive

Grade divisions are as follows:

  • Primary (K-2)
  • Intermediate (3-5)
  • Middle (6-8)
  • High School (9-12)

Art and Literature Projects

Art and essay/poetry projects may be either home or school projects. All names on projects submitted will be concealed before they are presented to the YIP Advisory Board. The board then judges the projects. Students may mail copies/pictures of their work or request that originals be returned to them. Awards include: First place ($100), Second place ($50), and Third place ($25). K-2 students are ineligible for participation in the Essay/Poetry Contest.

Attendance Incentive

The Attendance Incentive is based on the entire academic school year. All grade divisions are included. Students will be awarded as follows: Perfect attendance ($100); Three (3) days of absenteeism or less ($50); and Five (5) days absenteeism maximum ($25). Copies of the student’s year-end report card will be required as verification of attendance.

Student of the Month/Year

Consideration for Student of the Month/Year applies to middle and high school students only. Students may be judged on a wide variety of activities. Activities include, but are not limited to, academics as well as extra-curricular activities. Documentation of all activities will be required. Students also need not be Student of the Month at their respective schools. Those recognized will be considered as Ponca Student of the Month. Again, the YIP Board will make determinations regarding winners. Each Student of the Month selected will receive $100 in his/her grade division. The Student of the Year will be selected from among those recognized during the regular school year and receive an additional award of $100.

Senior Incentive

All tribally enrolled senior high school students are eligible to receive $500 as part of the Senior Incentive. This award may be applied to whatever graduation expenses the student chooses. Proof of senior status is required. Verification may be a letter from someone in the school system (principal, teacher, advisor, etc.) simply stating that the student is currently enrolled as a senior. The statement must be on the school’s letterhead stationery. A student’s fall grade report may substitute for the letter. After the student graduates, he/she is to send our office a final transcript.

Once recognized in any one category, a student may not re-enter in that particular category during the same school year. Remember, too, tribal enrollment is required.

The application deadline is July 31 of the school year recently ended.


YIP Application

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