Purchased / Referred Care (PRC), formerly known as Contract Health Services, offers assistance related to medical, dental, optical and pharmacy services. It is neither an entitlement nor insurance program but is intended to help pay for care where no other sources of health care payments are available, or to supplement alternate resources that have been exhausted. PRC covers services that are not provided by an IHS facility.

Purchased/Referred Care is for medical, dental, pharmacy and optical services which cannot be provided at one of our two PTN clinics, Fred LeRoy Health and Wellness Center, Ponca Hills Health and Wellness Center or other available Indian Health Service/Tribal/Urban (I/T/U) facilities. See Service Summary.

PRC funds are used to supplement and complement other health care resources available to Ponca members. Because Indian Health Service (IHS) programs are not fully funded, the PRC program must rely on specific regulations relating to eligibility, notification, residency and a medical priority system. IHS is designated as the payer of last resort, meaning all other available alternate resources must first be used before payment is expected. These mechanisms enable PRC to stretch limited dollars and extend services to more members.

The need for Purchased/Referred Care must be determined by your primary care provider at the Fred LeRoy Health and Wellness Center, Ponca Hills Health and Wellness Center and all other available I/T/U’s, or an approved non-IHS primary care provider. If your provider issues a referral for services, the referral must be submitted to PRC for consideration. At that time, your eligibility will be determined by a Purchased/Referred Care staff member.

Contract Health Services Presentation to Council

Download Contract Health Services Presentation to Council (8/20/13)
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Contact Information

Tina Villalpando, Purchased / Referred Care Administrator

Crystal Schmitz, CPRC Clerk

Colleen Tiemens, PRC Clerk

Purchased/Referred Care
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