The patient must also submit the following documents to FLHWC/PHHWC Patient Registration and/or to the PRC program

  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of alternate resource coverage (both front & back of card)
  • HIPAA acknowledgement form
  • Birth Certificate (when applicable)

Eligibility extends to:

  1. A student who meets the above guidelines at their permanent residence prior to leaving school and who adheres to the PRC Higher Education Student Policy.
  2. A person who is eligible but leaves the PRCDA may continue to be eligible for 180 days.

In addition, eligibility extends to non-Indians in the following situations.

  1. A non-Indian woman pregnant with an eligible Indian’s child for the duration of the pregnancy and six weeks of post partum care (relating to pregnancy only). Proof of Paternity must be submitted prior to receiving PRC funds.
  2. Non-Indian member of an eligible Indian’s household – public health hazard only.
  3. Non-Indians who are adopted, foster, step-children of an eligible Indian until 19 years of age.Additional documentation required: birth certificate, marriage license and foster care documentation.

Services cannot be approved until the PRC office has received the above information. The client will also be required to update their information on a yearly basis or as needed. If the updated information involves a change of address, proof of residency will be required.