Forms and Instructions

Telephonic and Videoconference Hearing Rules during COVID

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Jurisdictional Affidavit

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Motion to Proceed In Forma Pauperis

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Change of Name

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Civil Complaint

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Marriage License/Domestic Partnership/Common Law

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Divorce Petition

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Motion to Modify Existing Order

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Protection Order Petition

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Guardianship Petition

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Custody Petition

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Filing Fees

A filing fee shall be charged to bring action before the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska Tribal Court. The Judge has the ability to waive the filing fee, based upon the Petitioner’s income and expenses. These fees are as follows:

  • Divorce – $100.00
  • Civil – $60.00
  • Domestic Relations – $60.00
  • Motions to Modify Current Order – $25.00
  • Marriage License – $25.00 (fee unable to be waived as Code specifies amount)
  • Protection Orders – No charge
  • Admission for Attorneys to practice before the Ponca Tribal Court – $100.00 (Fee waived for attorneys representing Tribe or by Tribal Resolution)
  • Admission for Lay Counsel to practice before the Ponca Tribal Court – $100 (Fee may be waived by Tribal Court)

Appellate Court Fees

  • Petition for Appeal – $60.00
  • Motion to Appellate Court – $25.00

Filing fees to the Ponca Appellate Court may be waived following the same process for the Tribal Court, which is based upon an affidavit and the Petitioner’s income and expenses.

If you are unable to pay the required fees and still want the Court to hear your case, you are required to complete a signed Motion to Proceed In Forma Pauperis that states your income and expenses. The Court will then decide whether or not they will hear the case without the filing fee. For more information, please see the associated Court Report on Fees.