Four Steps

1. Petition

If you wish to have a case heard by the Court, you must first complete a petition and file it with the Clerk of Courts in Norfolk.

Members are allowed to file their own form of petition with the Court. Standard Forms are provided online or at any service area office; see Filing Fees.

2. Notification

After a case is filed, the Court notifies and serves all appropriate parties. A pretrial conference is scheduled in front of the Judge. The conference may be held by phone or videoconference.

3. Trial

A trial is held before the Judge and the Court renders a decision on the case presented. The Ponca Tribal Court does not provide legal representation to those involved in the court process. Those involved are allowed to represent themselves or use their own legal counsel.

4. Appeals

If the parties involved do not agree with the decision of the Court, they have the option to appeal the case to the Ponca Appellate Court. Please note that Decisions shall not be subject to review by the Tribal Council.