Tatanka Golf Club Opportunity

In an effort to support the Santee Sioux Nation and provide opportunities for our tribal citizens and the employees who work on our behalf, the Tribal Council has again approved to purchase a Corporate Membership at the Tatanka Golf Club, operated by the Santee Sioux Tribe, near Niobrara, Nebraska. This membership offers the Tribe a tee time every day except days of tournaments and leagues for one group of 1-4 players for 18 holes of golf and includes one cart. All guests must follow golf course attire, local rules and etiquette.

If you want to schedule a tee time you must contact one of the following individuals during PTN business hours Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM at least five days in advance if possible:

Kyle Taylor at 402-750-4299 or taylork651@gmail.com
Angie Starkel 402-922-0436 or angie.starkel@gmail.com
Cheryl Kitto 402-857-3391 or cherylk@poncatribe-ne.org

We will try to accommodate each request. In the case of multiple requests for the same day, a drawing may be held to choose the request for that day. In the case of an individual wanting to reserve the same day over multiple weeks, if there is a request from another who has not previously scheduled a time, they shall receive consideration for that day. We want to try to accommodate as many requests that we can and be as equitable as we can. Thank you.