Tribe seeks tribal members to train to become Tribal Monitors

With several upcoming projects that would necessitate the input of a Tribal Monitor, the Ponca Tribe THPO office would like to have a pool of Tribal Monitors to draw from. Tribal members are encouraged to attend this Tribal Monitor Training, with presenter Randy Teboe, THPO for the Winnebago Tribe.

Tribal monitors work as independent contractors for the Ponca Tribe, partnering with construction companies to locate, identify, record and protect any Ponca Cultural Resources during construction or surveys in historic Ponca areas. When a Tribal Monitor participates in a project, they are paid by the construction company for their time, along with per diem, transportation, and lodging, if necessary.

Attendees MUST possess a cell phone, have a driver’s license and vehicle, and have a high school diploma or GED. Tribal members attending the training will receive a $200 incentive, and lunch will be served. Please register no later than May 24th. To register, or for more information, please contact Nick Mauro at 402.857.3391 or 402.750.8121, or by email: